We Knew them as Books on Tapes

audiobookToday, technology has advanced the ease and variety of books we can listen to while on the road. I know that the 5th and 6th Harry Potter books got my kids from California to Yellowstone and back! While Nevada is a lovely state, waiting for the next appearance of “He Who Shall Not Be Named” was way more interesting!

Now referred to as audiobooks, the selection is vast. iTunes alone boasts over 5,000 classics available for free. A quick Google search brings up dozens of websites with free and paid-for selections.

Take a walk down memory lane and find your favorite childhood books. Download them onto whatever smart gizmo or gadget you own. You will enrich your children and reduce the number of “Are we there Yet?” tenfold.

No kids? Then pick an old favorite, something entirely different, educational, or inspiring and the miles will fly by!