Desert RV Resort offers Southern Californians a Sunny place to Camp


The Springs at Borrego RV Resort offers a full slate of activities, including nighttime astronomy talks by Dennis Mammana, an internationally acclaimed astronomer, author and sky photographer

BORREGO SPRINGS, Calif., Dec. 23, 2009 – RV and camping enthusiasts who stay at The Springs at Borrego RV Resort this winter can do water aerobics in the morning, visit scenic Anza Borrego State Park in the afternoon and attend wine tasting socials in the evening.

The 145-site low desert resort, roughly 90 minutes from San Diego, is a popular winter nesting ground for snowbirds from all over the Pacific Northwest and Canada. It’s also the only RV resort in Southern California that offers nighttime astronomy talks by Dennis Mammana, an internationally acclaimed astronomer, author and sky photographer who leads astronomical tours all over the world.

“His talks are fantastic,” said Lynn Bryans, a retired accountant from Langley, British Columbia, who is spending the winter in a 28-foot motorhome at the Springs at Borrego Resort.

Bryans was among roughly 15 to 20 guests who attended Mammana’s Dec. 6th talk, titled “The Seven Wonders of the Heavens.” She said Mammana’s expertise and enthusiasm, combined with the clear desert nights make the astronomy presentations unlike any activity she has ever experienced at an RV resort.

The Springs at Borrego RV Resort charges $15 per person to attend Mammana’s talks. The price includes dinner, admission to Mammana’s talks as well as stargazing opportunities using several telescopes that Mammana and the resort make available for guest use. Sample topics include:

- A Celestial Sneak Preview:  As we turn the page on the calendar, an exciting new year of celestial events comes into view: lunar and planetary conjunctions, meteor showers and more. Don’t miss this fun-filled preview of what promises to be a most fascinating year of cosmic wonder.

- An Encounter with the Red Planet: A close up view of Mars, a world of massive volcanoes, meandering arroyos and whirling dust devils.

- The Goddess of the Night: She has been known throughout the ages as Diana, Aphrodite and Isis, and inspired us in poetry, art, mythology, song and science. Guests will explore the many ways in which we are touched by the magical light of the moon and get a close-up look at its time-battered terrain.

- In Search of Our Cosmic Roots: All of the materials in our bodies were forged in stellar furnaces eons ago. Hear how the study of the universe takes us back into time in search of our own cosmic roots, and get a peak at some of the places where this occurs even today.

- Saturn: Lord of the Rings: Saturn is often regarded as the most stunning planet of our solar system. And now that it’s at this year’s closest point to us, it’s even more spectacular. See its rings and brightest moons and hear what we’ve learned from spacecraft orbiting nearby.

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