Fountain of Youth Spa to Raise Funds For Hurricane Sandy Victims


The Fountain of Youth Spa in Niland, Calif. plans to donate 110 percent of of its Dec. 7 - 9 proceeds from camping, food and retail sales to
the Red Cross to help Hurricane Sandy victims

NILAND, Calif. – The Fountain of Youth Spa plans to donate 110 percent of the revenue it generates from Dec. 7 - 9 to help East Coast residents who have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

“We think it’s the least we could do to help those who have been displaced by the storm,” said Jolene Wade, the resort’s managing director, adding that the funds will be donated to hands on charities helping the East Coast storm victims.

Originally conceived as a snowbird RV resort with healing natural hot springs, the Fountain of Youth Spa is a diversified, year-round vacation resort with cottage rentals, vacation homes, and an increasing array of health and wellness services, including onsite hair and nail salons, massage therapists, as well as therapeutic exercise classes, including water aerobics, tai chi, yoga and Zumba.

The resort’s activities are a key attraction, both for homebuyers as well as RV enthusiasts from up north who spend the winter months enjoying Niland’s weather, which rivals any location in the desert Southwest.

Classes include painting, quilting, Spanish and computers, while various groups gather for bocce ball, horseshoes, hiking, spinning, line dancing and square dancing as well as cribbage, bingo, pinochle and Scrabble.

Special events also take place each week, including farmers markets, pancake breakfasts and potlucks.

For more information about the Fountain of Youth Spa and its discount program, please contact Jolene Wade at (619) 297-1490 and visit the resort’s website at