Golden Village Palms RV Resorts Unveils State-of-the-Art Pickleball Courts


HEMET, Calif., Nov. 14, 2012 -- A new athletic craze is sweeping the Sunbelt that many people haven’t heard of.

It’s called pickleball -- a game that’s like a combination of ping-pong, tennis and badminton that’s played on a smaller, more compact court.

And while it may seem insignificant to people who don’t play the game, RV parks and resorts are finding that if they don’t have pickleball courts, they will lose business to those that do.

The threat of such competition is precisely why Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet installed four brand new, state-of-the-art pickleball courts in time for this winter’s snowbird season.

The 1,019-site park even celebrated the grand opening of the court’s last week, complete with a ceremony that included city officials and Christopher Thomas, the regional ambassador of the USA Pickleball Association.

“We gave up six RV sites to put these pickleball courts in,” said Michael Carle, Golden Village Palms’ general manager, adding that the park lost some snowbird business last winter to other RV resorts that have pickleball courts.

But that’s not likely to happen this winter. In fact, Golden Village Palms officials traveled across the country to look at some of the best pickleball courts they could find. They wanted to make sure that the pickleball courts they installed were among the best in the nation.

Carle said he anticipates that the demand for the pickleball courts will bring in enough snowbird business this winter to more than offset the loss of six RV sites.

In fact, Thomas of the USA Pickleball Association said it won’t be long before they wind up installing even more pickleball courts because Baby Boomers like to keep active. He said the pickleball courts at Golden Village Palms could accommodate regional pickleball tournaments, which would likely bring even more visitors to the park.

Carle said the new pickleball courts are the latest amenity to be offered at Golden Village Palms. The park also renovated its exercise room, which it equipped with new flooring, new exercise equipment and a flat screen TV.

Debbie Sipe, executive director of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, said RV resorts are increasingly investing in new amenities and entertainment as a way to entice Baby Boomers who like to keep busy. “The days of going to an RV park to simply relax are long gone,” she said. “People today want to keep active, even when they are retired.”

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