Identifies America's “A” Rated Campgrounds Based on 2015 Consumer Surveys, Six of Which are in California


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MURRIETA, Calif., April 2016 — Only 34 out of about 4,000 campgrounds, RV parks and resorts across America received all around ‘A’ ratings in consumer surveys completed in 2015.

In California, only six campgrounds received all around ‘A’ ratings.

“If you do the math, that amounts to fewer than one in 100 campgrounds, RV parks and resorts receiving all around ‘A’ ratings in our consumer surveys,” said Bob MacKinnon, a former Disney Company executive who founded, the nation’s most thorough online rating system for public and privately owned and operated campgrounds., the statewide travel planning website, is networked with and includes letter grades for each campground, RV park or resort that consumers have rated.

“We think it’s important for consumers to have the most rigorous guest satisfaction information available to them, which is why we post the letter grades on,” said Debbie Sipe, executive director of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, which hosts the travel planning website.

Top rated California campgrounds in the surveys include:

— Anaheim RV Park, Anaheim, CA, a five-time “A” grade winner,

— Far Horizons 49er Village RV Resort, Plymouth, CA, a four-time “A” grade winner,

— Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, Pismo Beach, CA, a six-time “A” grade winner,

— Shadow Hills RV Resort, Indio, CA, a four-time “A” grade winner,

— The Springs at Borrego RV Resort, Borrego Springs, CA, a six-time “A” grade winner,

— Wishon Village RV Park, Shaver Lake, CA, a five-time “A” grade winner,

While online surveys typically give consumers the ability to post their comments, most online survey forms ask consumers to rate only a few things, like value, location, cleanliness and service., by contrast, solicits consumer feedback on 55 different guest satisfaction questions in addition to providing consumers the ability to post written comments and suggestions.

“We drill down to specifics with our surveys,” MacKinnon said. “For example, we ask, ‘How clean were the showers compared to the toilet areas? Was the bathroom well stocked with supplies? What was the attitude of staff? Did staff have a professional appearance? Were they quick and efficient? How would you rate the safety and security of the park?’ ”

Ultimately, MacKinnon said, aims not only to provide consumers with meaningful reviews that can help them identify the best campgrounds, but provide campground operators with letter grades covering every aspect of their park so that they know where to prioritize their improvements and create a better guest experience.

“Sometimes campgrounds have terrific facilities, but their staffing needs attention, or vice versa,” MacKinnon said. “Or maybe the park’s facilities and staffing are very good, but their reservation process needs improvement. Our survey process helps park operators zero in on specific trouble spots that don’t show up in other online reviews.”

In 2015, consumers filled out more than 30,000 surveys involving nearly 4,000 public and privately owned and operated campgrounds across the U.S.

Former Disney Company executive Bob MacKinnon established GuestReviews services in 2007 as a way to help public and privately operated campgrounds measure guest satisfaction and prioritize improvements. Consumers can submit online reviews for parks they have camped at by visiting

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