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Cannery Row, Monterey

Cannery Row is Monterey California’s Premiere Destination for Shopping, Dining, Family Fun and Nightlife. Everything you love about Monterey: browse and shop at 84 retails stores, wine and dine at any of 20 restaurants. 

Few destinations offer dining experiences as enticing and authentic as those on Cannery Row. From tasty & inexpensive to fine gourmet, menus here feature fresh-caught Monterey Bay seafood, organic produce from local farm fields and healthy, innovative cuisine shaped by the character of this historic coastal community. 

Between the oceanfront Coastal Recreation Trail, wine tasting rooms and world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row bustles with enough activity to keep families, couples and friends on the go for days. Of course, there's also boutique and outlet shopping, live music and dynamic nightlife, beaches and dive shops, and year-round events for all ages. Here, guests can just as easily indulge their adventurous spirit as they can relax and reconnect. So go ahead – build a sand castle, schedule a spa treatment, watch sea otters or try that glass of award-winning pinot noir. It's a perfect day to make memories on Cannery Row for every budget. 

Visit their website for a walking map.

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