Lodi Lake Nature Trail

The nature trail joins the exercise trail to form a pleasant loop that lets hikers experience the wonderful sights, sounds, and scents to be found in the Mokelumne River riparian area. Rarely does a small town take such care to preserve an important ecological area such as the city of Lodi has done with this 58-acre nature area. You know this place is special as soon as you see the murals at the trailhead. Walk straight ahead on the asphalt-paved pathway, the Nature Trail, which will take you generally northeast 0. 5 miles. In fact, you could turn around at that point, satisfied that you have seen most of what the park has to offer; but this hike continues on the exercise trail to make a loop around the park and along the former river channel. Walk past the outdoor theater that is set amid a grove of majestic coast redwoods.

Trail Details: 2.5 miles with minimal elevation gain. This loop trail is kid friendly and provided wheelchair access. Located at 1101 West Turner Road, Lodi, CA

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