Wildlife - Central Valley

Snow Goose Festival - Chico’s Annual Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway is the premier birding and nature festival of the Northern Sacramento Valley. It draws attention to the multitudes of migrating and resident waterfowl that can be found wintering among unique habitats of the Valley through a series of exhilarating tours and informative workshops. With over 40 field trips, participants can enjoy guided tours into lush riparian forests, local foothills, grassland habitats, protected wetlands, lakes, rivers, and creeks along the Altacal Audubon’s Birding Trail.

Sandhill Crane Festival - Long before Lodi existed, Sandhill Cranes descended into the rich delta wetlands at the end of a long migratory journey, some from nesting grounds as far away as Siberia.  As they greeted California’s earliest explorers, these magnificent birds  darkened the skies over winter marshes.  In awe-inspiring numbers, and with a prehistoric call, stately gait, and elegant choreography, the Sandhill Crane continues to attract and inspire visitors.  Each year thousands of visitors make their way to Lodi area wildlife refuges and farmlands to experience first hand one of nature’s spectacles.  The abundance of crane habitat continues to nourish our agricultural roots, with water, soil, and climate that sustains the birds, enriches our lives, and benefits our local economy.

Oroville Salmon Festival - Every September, the streets of Oroville between Historic Downtown and the Feather River Fish Hatchery burst with fish-flavored activities during the Annual Salmon Festival. On this special weekend Oroville celebrates the thousands of spawning salmon that annually make their way from the ocean back up the Feather River. Environmental education, music, salmon tasting, tours of the hatchery and fun for kids and adults highlight this free event.

Bat Talk & Walks - Following a 45 minute indoor presentation on bat natural history, the group will carpool out to the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area to watch one of the largest colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats in California as it emerges in large ribbons to hunt insects at sunset. To get to the bat viewing site, we will travel through leased rice farming fields to an area not open to the public. The whole experience takes about 3 hours. This is a family friendly event! There is a small amount of walking. Those in wheelchairs or unable to walk may view the bats by car. Please let us know if you have special needs.

Duck Days - Features the wetlands of the Pacific Flyway located near Davis. Field trips to dozens of local areas are planned to observe waterfowl, raptors, and all the members of the wetlands ecosystems. Other events include workshops, a visit to the California Raptor Center, an art exhibition and more. Register early for this event, as many of the popular tours fill early. This fun event for the entire family.

Endangered Species Faire - "Since 1979, the Endangered Species Faire has commemorated Earth Day with a full-day of exhibits, activities, presentations and entertainment. Between 6,000 and 10,000 individuals of all ages visit and participate in Northern California's oldest annual environmental fair held at Cedar Grove in Bidwell Park. The Faire is designed to give local school classrooms, government agencies, environmental organizations and community groups a public forum to present information on ecology, wildlife and a host of environmental issues."