Landmarks California

Landmarks California: the Places of Our Diverse Cultures and Histories is a statewide collaboration intended to raise awareness and appreciation for historic and cultural preservation through public activities at historic and cultural sites throughout the state. The program is intended to be an ongoing opportunity to help tell the untold stories of California's development, thereby raising cultural and historical understanding throughout the state.

The Landmarks California program is intended to create a vehicle for increasing awareness and appreciation for cultural and historic resource preservation. This work has the potential to be even more important than the $122 million in CCHE-funded projects because it can create a changed mindset toward preservation that will have long-lasting, positive impacts on our state. These impacts include the economic revitalization that occurs when historic structures are adapted for a modern use and the increased cohesion of our state's citizens resulting from greater understanding of each other. An added benefit of the program is the creation of a strong network among historic and cultural resource stewards which will remain long after the projects end.

The Landmarks California program is an excellent example of a private-public partnership designed to advance a common goal – to maintain and strengthen California's cultural heritage. 

To view some of the restoration projects click here.


Keep 'em Wild

Keep me wild logoKeep Me Wild

You may not realize it—a simple bag of garbage, bowl of pet food, or plate of leftovers left outside your home or vacation site, can cause severe harm to wildlife. Whether you live in a city or a rural part of California, wild animals are your neighbors. Most wild animals will not bother you. They naturally fear humans and keep their distance—so long as they remain fully wild.

But if wild animals have access to human food and garbage, they want more and more. They lose their natural fear of humans and can become aggressive.


Protect California!

DMF fire-logs

California is a wonderful place to live....I know that, you know that! The weather is picture perfect. There is a climate and terrain for anyone. The problem is that our diversity is perfect for invasive bugs, plants and diseases as well as us humans. Each of these arrive in California in differently, but arrive they do. Our job is to minimize their arrival their spread throughout our wonderful state.

bugs largeCertain pests are more easily moved by campers and boaters. By taking certain safeguards we can each do our part to protect California.

Protect California's Forests

Protect Boating in California's lakes and rivers

Buy it Where You Burn it!

California's Forests are Under Attack!Burn it where you buy it logo

If you've lived in or near California for a few years, you more than likely have heard of the Mediterranean fruit fly that attacked our fruit orchards or the gypsy moth that defoliated trees or the African honeybees that are damaging our native honeybee hives.  You have probably heard about the border inspection stations checking fruit coming into California or the pesticide spray delivered by helicopter in the middle of the night. our forests are under attack and you can help.


Boaters Beware of Hitchhikers!

Invasive Mussels Equals Expensive Damageabs pipe with mussels

When zebra or quagga mussels invade our local waters, they clog power-plant and public-water intakes and pipes. Routine treatment is necessary and very expensive: this leads to increased utility bills. If you use water and electricity, then you do not want zebra/quagga mussels!

If spread, these mussels can:

  • ƒƒ Encrust boat hulls, clog cooling systems, jam steering equipment
  • ƒƒ Alter aquatic ecosystems, resulting in fewer native species and sportfish
  • ƒƒ Litter beaches with sharp, foul smelling shells
  • ƒƒ Clog water distribution systems, resulting in higher utility bills


Help us Prevent Wildfires

wildfireSmokey Says, “Prevent Wildfires!”

Building a campfire can be a lot of fun. But be sure to keep safety in mind before, during, and after you've built it. Smokey Bear's campfire safety guide will help keep you, and others, safe when cooking and camping outdoors. Click here to follow Smokey’s Campfire Safety Guide.

 More Resources

Download a pdf with fire safety tips from CalFire

Click here for information on California Campfire Permit requirements

We've grown up with Smokey fighting to save our forests. We've collected a couple of YouTube videos featuring Smokey commercials for the past 50 years along with the History of Smokey the Bear.