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infoWe are so blessed to be able to camp in this magnificent state. People worldwide save their pennies in order to visit what we all consider our backyards. California’s abundance really shows in its outdoor offerings. There is so much to cover, 12 different geographical regions, 52 different counties to visit, 270 State Parks protecting our resources, 17 different National Parks, longest national coastline, hiking, fishing, biking….well you get the picture. We want to bring you the information you want about camping and RVing in California. Camp-California knows California!  Let us help chart a course for your California camping or RVing adventure. California has it all - spectacular scenery, fabulous food, serious shopping and radical relaxation. There are festivals celebrating just about everything including Avocados, Apples, Chocolate, Wine, Chili and much more! And Camp-California has everything you need to do it all. You can browse California by its regions and towns, read more about the major communities/areas in that region, find info on various event venues and of course, plan for where to stay as you create your own adventure in California!  Once you've decided on what to do for your next vacation, we can help you find an RV park, campground or cabin rental. Do you want to lay poolside at an RV resort contemplating the dinner that will soon be delivered to your RV? Or do you relish pitching a tent and roasting marshmallows over a campfire under an amazing array of stars? Or maybe you just want to go camping in your motorhome and enjoy all the conveniences of home while you participate in an active outdoor lifestyle. Let our search help you find your ideal park!

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California - Something To Do For Everyone

There is so much to do in California!

Camping has come a long way from the days when John Muir hiked across the Sierras.

Camping, in fact, means different things to different people. For some, camping is sleeping in a tent and roasting marshmallows over a roaring fire. For others, camping is what you do when you explore America's highways and byways in the comfort of your RV. It's what snowbirds do, when they find that perfect RV park or resort, far from winter's chill.

For many, camping means driving to scenic locations in the mountains or near the coast and spending the night in a cozy park model, cabin or yurt. For still others, a camping trip could entail sleeping in unique accommodations, like a historic train, car or even a teepee.

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Explore California - Something for everyone

Explore California's many diverse regions and experience all that California has to offer!

ca region mapMany sections of this website are organized by region. This map will give you a rough idea of what region to search in if you have a destination in mind.


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