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Hat Creek fishingAsk a fisherman why they fish and you will get a variety of answers. The book and movie "A River Runs Through It" tried to answer that question, and got at some aspects of it. Truth is, every fisherman has his or her own reasons.

What are mine? Like most everybody, I love the peace and quiet on most trips. Imagine the still water at your feet, not a ripple on it. The fog is just thick enough so the trees disappear in the distance, and everything around you looks soft. A splash breaks the calm, letting you know there is a fish feeding out there. You are totally alone with your thoughts, almost as if you were floating in an isolation tank.

On the opposite end of that feeling, I love running down the lake at 70+ mph in my bass boat. Sunrise fishermenExhilaration is the only word that comes close describing that feeling of power, freedom and speed. It is anything but quiet as the 225 hp motor roars behind you and the water cracks as the hull splits the waves. The wind whistling past you makes you duck behind the windshield, but the feel of it adds to the thrill. That part of the fishing experience lasts for only a few minutes each day.

The challenge of outsmarting your quarry is part of it. Trying to make a fish think your lure of plastic and hair is its food is not easy. Figuring out where the fish is and why it is there is another part of the challenge. And learning enough about them to consistently catch fish is a challenge most of us don't overcome.

The pull of the fish when you do hook one and the efforts to land it without losing it are part of the fun. Struggling with a fish on a rod and reel is almost a primal need, and all your technology often does not help you win the battle. Good fresh food is a reason many people fish, and getting your own food is another basic need that fishing provides.

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Freshwater - Freshwater fishing means fishing in waters that are generally considered to contain fresh water, with minimal or no salt content. It's one of the more versatile types of fishing, with various species of fish, and many ways to fish for them.

Fly Fishing - The idea is to catch fish by getting them to bite on an imitation of a bug or baitfish on, or just below, the water. Flies are made using thread, wire, beads, feathers, yarn and hair, and are created to look like insects and baitfish at various stages of maturity to attract trout, salmon, panfish and carp, as well as marine species such as tarpon, bonefish and striped bass.

Salt Water - Saltwater fishing is as much about the adventure as it is about the fish. Many of the sport fish species can be big and mean, and the water can be big and bad. From shallow saltwater flats to deep-ocean fishing, saltwater anglers chase everything from dainty speckled trout to massive blue marlin in some of the most intense and inspirational surroundings on earth.

Family - Get your kids out there! Fishing with kids is a great way to connect with them, and to experience the outdoors together. also has detailed information about Fishing here in California.

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