RV Golf Club

logo-rvgolfclubThere are thousands of beautiful golf courses in the U.S. and Canada. They all have large parking lots that sit totally vacant every night. RV Golf Club has signed an agreement with hundreds of them to be recognized as RV-friendly and allow our members to park overnight for free. Additionally, many offer our members discounts on golf, food & beverages, shopping and services.

RV Golf Club

2235 E. Flamingo Rd #100D

Las Vegas, NV 89119

(800) 520-0757


Now, for the first time, RV'ers are welcome to enjoy the beauty of these sanctuaries. Imagine being surrounded by gorgeous landscaping instead of rows of RV's. What a pleasure to be able to walk to the golf course, restaurant, pool, jacuzzi and shops. It's secure, quiet and classy and what a delight to receive hospitality and service from professionals.

RV Golf Club membership also offers a unique opportunity for RV'ers to enjoy 2-nights, with hookups at high-end RV Resorts for free or 50% Off. Many RV owners are looking for a winter or summer home for their RV. This gives you an opportunity to leisurely determine if you want to stay longer and/or come back another time or perhaps purchase your own RV site or Park Model.