VeloMiniLabelHorizontalVeloMini is the perfect personal transportation vehicle for use to get around RV parks, cruise on bike trails or for running errands. Combine the VeloMini with the new T-1 luggage/bike trailer and you are equipped to pick up supplies and groceries and get them back to your RV.

VeloMini, A SharperBike, LLC. Company

2070 Homestead Road

Santa Clara, CA 95050

(800) 257-1759

VeloMinis are small, light weight, cute, versatile, convenient, and durable. They fold down so small and you can take it with you practically everywhere. Your hardest decision is what color to buy. Please call 800-257-1759 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there isn't a dealer in your area. If you have been thinking about adding electric bikes to your store, the VeloMini is the perfect place to start. Learn how to become a dealer at