Crystal Cathedral

Located in Garden Grove, California, the Crystal Cathedral is the home base for the international Crystal Cathedral Ministries, including a congregation of over 10,000 members and the internationally televised "Hour of Power."

If you are visiting us during the week, take a few minutes to enjoy a tour around the campus of Crystal Cathedral Ministries.

Tours are scheduled from 9 AM till 3:30 PM Monday through Saturday.

The breathtakingly beautiful Crystal Cathedral structure combines both the intimacy and form of much contemporary architecture with the grandeur and magnificence of medieval cathedrals. It is a concept that had never been tried before in church architecture, and has since heralded a new era of church architectural design. An embodiment of light and space, grandeur and intimacy, the glass structure is recognized the world over as an architectural treasure. It was featured recently alongside the Hagia Sofia, Notre Dame, St. Peter's Cathedral, and Barcelona's Segrada Familia in The History Channel's documentary "Building in the name of God."

Crystal Cathedral Ministries
12141 Lewis St.
Garden Grove, CA. 92840

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