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McCloud Mushroom Festival - Held every Memorial Day weekend, the mushroom festival celebrates the wild mushroom hunting that occurs every spring in and around McCloud. Event features live music, mushroom vendors, wine tasting, special mushroom delicacies, cooking demonstrations, seminars and educational booths on mushroom harvesting.

Crawdad Festival - The Crawdad Festival originated in the small town of Isleton back in 1986 and was the chief source of funds to run the local Chamber of Commerce by recognizing the fun little guys known locally as “crawdads” and elsewhere throughout the United States by an assortment of names including crawfish, “mud bugs”, crayfish, etc. The festival eventually outgrew the City of Isleton and was purchased by the R Wild Horse Ranch and made a part of the volunteer fire and rescue auxiliary. Both the City of Red Bluff and the Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber of Commerce support this community event. Attendees came from all over the State of California, from Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Iowa, Washington and even Louisiana and Texas.

Trinity Lake Wine and Jazz Fest - The Trinity Lake communities invite you to an afternoon of wine tasting, art, appetizer cookoff tasting and judging, food, and Jazz by Trinity Lake on Saturday July 20 in Trinity Center, California.