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Time Away Pays: Take Vacation Days

Family CampingEmployees who use available vacation time gain a leg up in the workplace, according to a new survey conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management. New research indicates that employee vacation is critical to the success of high-performing organizations – employees who take time off to recharge increase their own productivity and contribute to the success of the entire organization.


Family Camping Tips

tent feetCamping with kids is great family fun. We are all kids at heart when it's time to go camping, but when your camping trip includes young children some extra planning and precautions will make the trip more fun and memorable. Here are some tips to help you start thinking ahead about camping with children.


Resources to Get Kids Outdoors!


Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights - A list of 10 activities that children should have the opportunity to experience before they enter high school.

Children and Nature Network
- An outcome of Last Child in the Woods, activists around the country knew they needed to rescue our youth and "get them outdoors."Last Child in the Woods - Richard Louv sparked a national debate that spawned an international movement to reconnect kids and nature. He coined the term nature-deficit disorder; influenced national policy; and helped inspire campaigns in over eighty cities, states, and provinces throughout North America.

Nature Rocks - A family fun nature planner

kids learning outside stuffChildren's National Forest - Along with recreation opportunities, Children's Forest hosts a Visitor Information Center, an Environmental Education Program, and a Youth Leadership Volunteer Program, and an active reforestation program. Children's Forest is a place where children learn how to become stewards of the land through education and opportunities.

Family Camping Resources

COBRCamping with kids can sometimes be hard work.  We'll try and make it as easy as possible.  Do you have some great tips for camping with kids that we have omitted?  Please share on our Facebook page:

Family Camping Tips - Eight great suggestions to make your next camping trip an experience to remember!

Car Games for Kids - These tried and true games make the car ride survivable for parents and kids alike.

Can Camping help Cure Obesity & Depression in Kids? - New studies show that the new generation doesn't have the same connection to nature that we grew up with.  Could this be the cause of the critical health issues facing our youth?

Why Take Your Kids on a Camping Trip? - "Because it's the best way I've found to connect with my kids," say Rue Mapp of Oakland.

14 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids and Adults - When Cabin Fever Strikes!



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Can Camping help Cure Obesity & Depression?

looking for frogsObesity, Depression and ADHD Are Linked to Fewer Hours Outdoors

Yesteryear: I don't know about you, but I remember my summers filled exploring the outdoors. My mom kicked us out of the house after breakfast. As soon as our chores were done we disappeared. We spent hours picking blackberries and selling them by the basket. We squeezed mud between our toes in the muddy banks of a local pond. We caught pollywogs in mason jars. We swam in lakes. We camped out under the stars. I brought home loads of red, yellow and orange fall leaves. Once, I sat still enough that a butterfly landed on my shoulder. More often, I was so loud that I scared coveys of quail from their hiding places. We followed deer trails and marveled at the size of trees. We made up games and played make believe....all the while surrounded by nature.

At the time, we didn't realize that we were getting tons of exercise and helping our bodies grow into strong, active, adults. We were learning crucial adult skills:  negotiation, reasoning, anger and forgiveness, and how to think for ourselves.