Camp California! The Guide for Camping and RVing in California

The Way Home


I may not be black, African American. I may not have descended from slavery. I have never struggled to put food on the table or heat my house. I have been blessed. And yes, like most others, I have taken those blessings for granted.

My childhood included many, many journeys into nature, the Redwoods, Yosemite, California's coast, deep hikes into the Sierra. I have had the wilderness touch my spirit. More than once, I have been renewed, rejuvenated by God's creations. I have embraced the magic that floats through the trees, is churned by the waves or hugs the desert sands. To quote Shelton Johnson, I have "chosen this for myself" and I must not take that for granted. This video reminds me not to.....

I invite all people -- black, white or brown – all people to experience at least one nature-invoked, peaceful moment in their lives. - Debbie Sipe