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Our users are campers ... they are looking for places to camp while they enjoy California. They participate in organic searches thru Google or Yahoo, using key words like "campgrounds in california;" "california camping;" "california campgrounds;" "rv parks california." These terms all lead to in top-ranked positions.

Once they find us, they bookmark us, and return often to plan weekend and vacation excursions. They will find an activity or fun event, then look for a place to pop a tent or park their RV, just like hotel users do with Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity. is for California campers, 5.1 million of them annually, that like to have fun and enjoy life, but want to stay in their own RV or tent.


Whether your focus is visiting Europeans, wine tasters, tenters, beer drinkers, fishermen, class-A owners, golfers, campfire makers or marshmallow-roasters, etc., will prove to be effective since this is their primary resource to experience California. So, whomever your audience is, you'll reach them here. 

What about credibility? Fifty-nine percent of web users agree that online advertising is more believable from a trusted web site. What can be more trusted by campers than a site produced by the state campground association itself?  The motivation is to provide the information that is relevant and accurate to campers; including real-time reservation tools that provide immediate response to inquiries, along with satisfaction and peace that a vacation plan is secure.


  • 500,000 visitors per year
  • 2 million page views outside actual park listings
  • 58% visitors from organic searches; 42% as a result of a bookmark
  • 167,000 average monthly pageviews; 29,000 average monthly unique users
  • 3.5 page views per person per visit means that your message will be seen again and again


  • 21-30:  10.9%
  • 31-40:  24.5%
  • 41-50:  26.3%
  • 51-60:  24.8%
  • 61-70:    9.9%

Household Income:

  • Less than $50K:     18.3%
  • $50K-$75K:     23.6%
  • $75K+-$100K:     27.8%
  • $100K+-$150K:     17.5%
  • $150K+-$200K:       7.0%
  • $200K+:           5.8%


Our pricing is based on impressions; also known as page views. Any time a website user views a page with your ad, it counts as an impression. You choose the number of guaranteed impressions and the regions where they will appear.

Ad Size:

  • Leaderboard: horizontal ad placed below header. Size: 728 x 90 pixels.
  • Skyscraper: vertical ad placed to the right of the park search pages page Size: 160 x 600
  • Medium Rectangle: vertical ad placed to the right of the page Size: 250 x 300 pixels
  • Call for Special Placement Options!

For more information contact our sales team at 530-451-6240.

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